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If the item you purchased was misrepresented by us or damaged in shipping, you can obtain a full refund. To get a full refund, you must call or email us within 14 business days of receiving your item. Returns require our approval and return authorization and must be returned to us before we can issue your refund. Please note: we record serial numbers to discourage fraud.

If you changed your mind and do not want your item, we can authorize you to return it for a refund equal to the cost of the item, not including shipping. We will not accept returns in cases when the condition of the item and/or retail packaging has been compromised, changed, modified or altered. The buyer is responsible for return shipping.

Local Pickups: Returned items that were picked up locally from our store will be charged a processing and restocking fee of 10% of the sales price if returned due to buyer remorse. No restocking fee will be charged for items when the condition is misrepresented by our website.

14 Days: No returns will be accepted beyond 14 business days of the item's delivery or pickup date.

Return Authorization: All returns require a proper return authorization by an NPS customer service agent.


Before making your purchase please note that we are not an authorized dealer for any of the products we sell, therefore, we do not guarantee that the items sold will be covered by a manufacturer's warranty or support. If any of our products are found to be defective upon receipt, we will either replace it or offer a full refund. Please see Return Policy above.